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Our Working Process

Here to help you get back what you lost to online fraud.

CP Investigation is a progressive company focused on executing chargebacks and recovery of wealth/resources lost via internet scams and fraud. We noticed that with the growth and publicity of binary options, cryptocurrencies, and Ponzi schemes, innocent people have lost millions of dollars to malicious companies, hence, the birth of CP Investigation to help unfortunate victims get their money back.
However, In CP Investigation every stage and procedure of retrieval is systematic, we go through legal processes which involve financial sector experts who know and follow the means to help recover your funds within a short time. The process are easier, faster and better.

We offer full transparency during the entire process and invite you to look up our registration information or to come meet us in person. The service is very straight forward and delivers results.

There are tens of millions of victims every single year throughout the world. We know how to recover your funds and we helped thousands of scam victims from around the world to recover their funds.

When CP Investigation receives a complaint from victims, we immediately work and review the details of the situation. For a successful recovery, funds recovery review or scam recovery review of the claims must be done, and pieces of evidence must be gathered.

The complaint must be valid, and the terms and conditions of the company must be followed.

Case Review

Performing preliminary checks to assess whether the case can result in a substantial recovery, based on our experience.

Gather The Evidence

Collecting all the information and documentation required to successfully pursue your case.

Confront The Entities

Systematically confronting the relevant entities that have facilitated the illicit transfer of your wealth.

Get Your Money Back

We take pride in our track record and assure you that we’ll go to great lengths to get your money back.


We Are Industry Leaders in Financial Recovery.

CP Investigation Limited is a group of professionals with amazing skills and extensive financial, legal, and regulatory backgrounds. We take up the fight to help victims of fraudulent and unregulated Binary Options/Forex and Cryptocurrency companies get back their money to the very last penny.

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These are becoming far more common in recent years and involve a data breach that occurs as a result of your interaction with a ‘fake’ message from your bank. This can lead to the loss of large sums from your account and this type of identity fraud is one that we can help you recoup your losses.


Traditionally this type of scam starts with an unsolicited mail proclaiming to be from a significant figure. This tends to take the form of a Nigerian prince or similar, this leads the user to be embroiled in a scam that involves the promise of a significant return for an initial sum you might be willing to give. Our recovery experts will help you look to reclaim your lost funds.

The Process We Follow to Trace Misplaced or Lost Funds

We review the details of the complainant and collect all the necessary information, including correspondence with the merchant/broker, confirmation that the transaction actually occurred and the broker’s platform/web page. Because we respect privacy, your details are never sent to third parties.

Once you have helped us compile everything we need, we will confront the owners of the bank or the company in question. Finally we claim back your funds via a quick and secure payment method.


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Get Your Money Back

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