How Does It Work?

In order to better understand how CP Investigation Limited works, and the systems we have in place for the recovery of your funds, you’ll find below a series of frequently asked questions.

Although our experienced team will look to complete your case (recover a substantial part if not all of your lost funds) as soon as possible, each case is unique. On average this process takes from 3 months to a year.

The total cost of the services is comprised of two parts: First, we charge a fixed-fee of 10% (of the total amount lost) at the beginning of the engagement for services rendered in the relevant engagement with each customer. Second, a further 10% is charged as a commission when the recovery is successfully completed. No other hidden fees will be added at any time.

Each case requires a significant amount of man-hours to investigate, process, and bring to successful completion. We charge a fixed-fee to cover the general legal services rendered and operational costs that we incure, hence the need to do so ahead of any action we undertake on your behalf.

CP Investigation Limited is Hadrian House C/O Gordon Brown Law Firm, Higham Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 8AF

The services are provided by and/or under the supervision of licensed attorneys. Mainly, we work with a team of legal professionals who provide recovery consulting services and practical assistance in the pursuit of recouping your stolen funds.

No, our services do not include court representation. But, our methods of recovering your lost money involve Alternative Dispute Resolution outside of court in order to speed up things. So we deal with the banks and relevant agencies that made the relevant transaction. We found this is a far more effective means of securing the recovery of the funds.

It doesn’t matter where you are based, our team can help you get your money back. So if you have the relevant documentation needed, we can help you regardless of your location.

If you still have questions regarding any of this, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide any information you require.

You can contact us via phone or email, simply visit our Contact Us page for the relevant details.


CP Investigation Limited offers each new client a free consultation. Funds Recovery or other services that will be subsequently commissioned will incur fees and/or commissions, based on the service and the complexity of each individual case. CP Investigation Limited doesn’t offer any investments, financial services, or advice.

At CP Investigation Limited we do not initiate calls without request. We only call clients that reached out to us.

The Company cannot accept prohibited payment methods.

CP Investigation Limited is a UK company #10715526, is authorized and regulated in the UK and operates globally. We are authorized and regulated by the FCA

Expert Assistance

We’ll look at the particulars of your case and give you a genuine response in relation to our ability to assist you.

Fast Resolution

Our agents will work speedily to secure the resolution you require and the recovery of your funds.

Peace of Mind

Let us remove the burden placed on you by the scammers. A free consultation will help to start you on the road to recovery.


We Are Industry Leaders in Financial Recovery.

CP Investigation Limited is one of the leading recovery firms worldwide. Specializing in online trading scams (Forex, Binary Options, Crypto, etc), we pride ourselves on having one of the highest success rates in the industry.

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